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Looking for other comics to read? Find yourself often agreeing with my opinion for some reason? Here are some comics you might like, arranged in no particular order! Some of them you've probably already heard of, some of them you probably haven't, some of them have even ended by now, but you should check all of them out all the same. Don't see your comic here, but think I'd like it? Tell me all about it, and maybe I'll add it! Just make sure you have either a 200 by 40 pixel sized banner, or graphics available that I could use to make one out of (as some of you may have noticed, I had to make a bunch of the banners on here myself, because, as it turns out, 200 by 40 isn't a very widely-used standard after all).
Bob The Angry Flower  The Independent Cowboy Justice Brigade
Sinfest  Red Meat
The Commuter  Chuck Loves The World
The Lounge  Paragon Fishing
HER! Girl versus Pig  Random Axe Of Kindness
Get Your War On  Cup Of Suffering
Thrilled To Be Here  Superosity
link to rugg
So, maybe you like this comic so much, you not only read it, you also want to link to it? (hey, stranger things have happened) Well, now if you need something more than a text link, you CAN, with these Rugg linking banners, available in three convenient sizes! Just make sure not to link directly to these images, 'cause that would be bad, 'mmkay? Enjoy:
Large Rugg Banner
Medium Rugg Banner  Medium Rugg Banner
Small Rugg Banner  Small Rugg Banner  Small Rugg Banner  Small Rugg Banner
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