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about the comic
Rugg is yet another online comic strip by yet another cartoonist with no professional career and who presently lacks the talent/speed to write and draw full-size books. It's about a headless chicken and a talking pig on a farm somewhere and their assorted exploits. Neat, eh? Okay...so maybe it's a little "strange," but hey, at least it's not another strip about computers and playing video games, anime and playing video games, comic books and playing video games, or talking about video games and playing video games, right?
about the title
This really belongs more in an FAQ or something, but then it would just be the one and only "Frequently Asked Question" (well... OCCASIONALLY Asked Question... okay, Rarely Asked But Still The Most Asked Question), so for now, it'll just go here. You may be wondering, "What does the title 'Rugg' mean?" Is it a place/state of mind, like Bloom County? Is it a character, like Calvin or Hobbes? Is it some kind of euphemism? It's not a stupid pun, is it? The answer is: I'm not telling, but you're welcome to guess. I will say that it's something directly related to the cartoon, but it's really more fun to leave just what it is, exactly, up in the air.

One thing I can say that it for sure doesn't refer to is my last name, somebody in my family's last name, or the last name of voice actor Paul Rugg, who some may remember as a frequent guest voice on "Animaniacs" and the voice of the title character on "Freakazoid." Sorry to disappoint you, Paul Rugg fans. Okay, I guess that's three things.

about the artist
Rugg is drawn by Terrence L. Nowicki Jr., a student at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, way up in the northwesternmost corner of the continental US. Again, like a large number of online cartoonists, Terrence would like to draw and write independent comics at some point in the future, though he also thinks it would be fun to write a syndicated newspaper comic or do something in the area of magazine editing or even dabble in television and movies, too. Terrence doesn't usually refer to himself in the third person like this, by the way.
Special thanks go out to the denizens from the now-dead Reactor hotline server, especially Micheal Watson and Bruce "Hippieman" Morrison, for their help and support in developing this thing and getting it off the ground. Thanks also to other cartoonists and artists who've come before me for being a source of inspiration and who are far too numerous to mention individually. Finally, thanks to my family for encouraging my dream to do this kind of thing, and because without them, I wouldn't even be here.
copyright 2002-2003 Terrence Nowicki, so don't take anything from this site without permission, you freaks