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The Chicken
No name for him other than "the Chicken," but don't call him that, as he prefers "coward," or perhaps "yellowbelly." The Chicken is a diminutive, hyperactive loudmouth, completely lacking in common sense, and having a habit of and flying off the handle or taking things too far, but basically... he means well.

Oh yeah. And he doesn't have a head, yet somehow continues to live. That's probably pretty important, since it explains a lot.

The Pig
Like his associate, the Chicken, he lacks a name beyond what he is...that is, a Pig. The Pig acts as the quieter, more reasonable side to the Chicken's insane mood-swings and knee-jerk reactions, the one who thinks his actions through. Unfortunately, even though he usually can tell whether something the Chicken's up to might lead to trouble, he often doesn't do anything about it, instead preferring to make derisive and sarcastic commentary.
STEEEEVE!! He came from the city's junior high, to lend a slightly more human component to the strip!

Initially, the Chicken thought Steve would be his pet, but that sounded too weird to Steve, so instead he agreed to be the Chicken's friend. Steve's more sensible than the Chicken, like the Pig, though he doesn't seem to be quite as smart.

The Duck
The Duck doesn't appear quite as frequently as the Chicken, the Pig, or Steve. His favorite past-time seems to be playing Magic: The Gathering, the geek's card-game of choice, but he always loses, especially to the Chicken. He's kind of a sore loser, and has a temper that can get pretty bad sometimes, though when it's not being aggravated, he tends to be more level-headed than the Chicken.
Erwin is the most recent addition to the cast. He's a super-genius who goes to the same school as Steve, has no friends, no social life, and spends lots of time reading really thick books in the library. Someday, someone as smart as him might be able to do a lot of good for the world... if only he wasn't EVIL and INSANE. Erwin's number-one aspiration in life is to bring an end to all life on Earth. There's no reason for this, it's just something that evil mad geniuses like to do!
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